Deer oh dear!

I’m in my kitchen again. Woops. But 1am breakfast is the best breakfast. Care to join me?

I tried to take cute post-shower selfies….and then cat happened.

It’s too hot in The Land of Fog. Someone save me please.

My freckles are about to start melting off my body. Ew. Stop.

Look, even the cat is comatose from the heat.

(real clothes are too hot so its a panty party til THE FUCKING SUN CUTS THIS SHIT OUT.)

I am the chubby hoodie goddess. Worship me with offerings of gluten-free pizza and hair dye. 

GPOY Who Wears Short Shorts Edition

What’s Cookin Good-Lookin’?

It’s hot and I’m pale and today, I like myself.

chubby thighs and all


Thunder thighs! They sure as hell have given me grief in change rooms. After all of that hate and abuse I have inflicted on them all of these years… they (and the rest of my legs) are definitely, by far, my favourite part of my body. ≧◡≦


Hi thighs.

Im just gonna leave this here so ya’ll can see how purdy she is


lost songs: Chubby belleh pride


Woop, chubby belly is on there! :3

Story time! Sit down, folks! :)

So, ever since I was a little girl I’ve had a pot belly. When I was a little girl, it was cute to have a podge. I didn’t think I was…

Anouncement time!

So for the next couple weeks, Im gonna be running a fabulous blog called FYInbetweensies. Normally, my wonderful friend Sarah runs it, but while she’s off travelling the world, I get the pleasure of filling in.

It’s full of gorgeous ladies ranging from chubby to curvy to bootylicious to cuddly to voluptuous to badonkadonk-having and everything in between. I’d love submissions to help me keep this up in Sarah’s absence! See you there ;D